If you have always wanted to paint but don't know which medium to choose, this course is a great place to start - a six-week course, designed to introduce you to this fabulously versatile and forgiving paint medium which will help you find what you might enjoy most. We will experiment with different techniques, from using it thinned down like watercolours, to using it thick impasto like oils, gradually increasing skill levels. Short exercises using different types of brushes, palette knives, sponges and additives will build up to painting larger more complex pieces. The demonstrations will reveal how to paint elements within a landscape but by the end of the course you will have the tools and knowledge to paint whatever you like.

NEXT COURSE: If you are interested in booking a place on the next one on Saturday & Sunday 9th/10th November at Thakeham Village Hall, 1 Abingworth Crescent, Thakeham, West Sussex, RH20 3GW, please contact Kate.

COST: £266 for 2 days, 10am-4pm, includes lunch both days, refreshments and cake!

Brief  Course Outline

Week 1 - Introduction to acrylic paints, brushes, supports and papers, palettes and blending.

Week 2 - Acrylics like watercolours - glazing and wet-in-wet techniques; colour wheel theory and successful colour mixing.

Week 3 - Acrylics like oils - impasto, knife painting, textured mediums, collage and mixed media.

Week 4 - Brush strokes and techniques - choosing the right tool for the job.

Week 5 - Dynamic composition - planning your paintings for balance and interest.

Week 6 - Tips on painting clouds and water and any other requests....

NB. The weekend course covers sessions 1-3 on Saturday and 4-6 on Sunday.

Materials List

Bring with you any painting materials you may have as in the first lesson we will be looking at everything you will need for the course. However, if you would like to buy some things beforehand I recommend A4-size (or preferably bigger) acrylic paper or canvas boards; artist quality acrylic paints*; any texture pastes, gels or additives you may have (some will be provided); a Staywet palette (you will be shown how to make your own); a selection of synthetic and hog hair brushes (rounds, a rigger, a wide flat for washes, fan brush**); palette knives; a board or table easel to lean on; jars for water; HB or 2B pencils; eraser; kitchen towel; apron; baby wipes; pictures for inspiration. Please wear old clothes.


There is a basic set of brushes that I have asked Rosemary & Co. to put together for me. Please enquire if you would like a set before the course starts so I can order them in. 

* When buying paints it is always prudent to buy from quality manufacturers as cheap, student or academy quality paints can put you off the medium before you have even started. I would recommend buying professional or artist’s quality tubes from: Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney (Cryla or System 3 are good), Sennelier, Golden or Liquitex. You will only need a small range of colours and they should include a warm and cool version of each of the three primaries ie. Cadmium Red, Crimson Red, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, plus Titanium White and Mars Black. You may also wish to add in some pre-mixed colours like Sap Green or Hookers Green, if you like painting landscapes or Flesh Tint if you want to paint people. Some of the earth colours like Raw Umber and Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna are also useful to have in your paintbox. I particularly like the Cryla range from Daler-Rowney as they come out of the tube thick and buttery, can be watered down easily for glazes and there is little colour shift when they dry. 

** For brushes I particularly recommend Rosemary & Co's Shiraz range. Please ask to see the catalogue and the brushes I use as they are all great quality at reasonable prices and they last!

A most enjoyable taster course in acrylic techniques. The time flew!
— Vivienne L, 2019
Kate will get you to paint even as a complete beginner in a fun and friendly class. Give it a go!
— Jenny M-L, 2019
Kate is a brilliant teacher - informal but informative.
— Ian W, 2019
A great introduction to acrylics in a very relaxing environment.
— Sheila R, 2016
It’s so good to be taught by an art teacher who is also an artist and see her at work in front of your eyes! You, the student, paint along with Kate, brush stroke for brush stroke and get instruction all the way. The classes are small and you get almost one-one tuition.
— Carol C, 2016
A refresher course. Excellent, friendly as always. Just the best!
— David W 2016
If you want to learn techniques, enjoy using paints and producing work then sign up!
— Teana A, 2016
Your friendly and thoroughly prepared support material is a very pleasing element of your classes.
— John S, 2016
I wanted to learn about acrylics vs watercolour - really enjoyed using acrylic. The course exceeded my expectations and passed too quickly. I have more confidence now.
— Alison H
As a complete beginner I found this course (acrylics) really inspirational and exciting. Kate taught us so much in a short space of time and I’ve achieved more (much more!) than I would have thought possible.
— Juliette L
Good fun, freedom to express yourself or just try things out.
— Carole K
Basic techniques well explained and much encouragement.
— Diana B
Kate is always informative and helpful and helps me to develop more confidence. And those cakes!!!
— Alan Lee, 2017
I wanted to feel more confident with acrylics, I have learned lots of things to try at home. Kate is a fantastic teacher and explains everything so clearly, it’s impossible to fail. Makes you feel like a real artist!
— Sarah F 2017
A great introduction to acrylics which has built my confidence and enjoyment of the medium. And great cake!
— Sue M 2017

Student Galleries & Comments

Click on image or title to see a variety of students' work from each course.
Please note that everybody’s work is included and most were complete beginners when they started this course, so look to see how much can be achieved…

Painting may be simply making marks on paper but Kate shows you how to make those marks most effectively. I really enjoyed reflecting on other people’s work on the last day.
— Gilly H
Inspirational course and kept me painting weekly.
— Lorna F
The handouts provide very good summaries with tips.
— Jacky S
I didn’t think I’d be able to produce anything recognisable. I was wrong. As a beginner I was able to learn and produce a couple of pieces that I like. My favourite part was watching Kate produce some recognisable pieces in no time.
— Iain J
Very good course, I learned such a lot! Kate is a great teacher.
— Liz Y
Have loved every minute. Kate is a fantastic teacher and very encouraging. My aim was to paint a picture of my son’s house - very pleased with the result!
— Miranda G
I really enjoyed the chance to play and experiment and try out new techniques. Loved being able to see what’s possible and to see demonstrations of how to create reflections and use multi media. Since starting this course I’ve just really been so much more aware of the beauty of the world - that on its own is a true gift.
— Tatiana S
Enjoyed all of it! It has opened up a new area of my life and I look forward to practising the techniques I have learned. Good foundation for moving on to watercolour and oils in the future.
— Hilary T
I wanted to gain confidence, still trying! I enjoyed watching Kate’s demonstrations, painting trees, use of brushes, palette knife, sponge, tea & cake.
— Pam C
We enjoyed the colour wheel, reflections demonstrations and cake! You inspired us to paint rather than just talking about starting.
— Denise & Alan L
Very fulfilling and great fun.
— Angela G
Kate is extremely kind, thoughtful and crucially - encouraging. I enjoyed the lesson on trees and meadows and the water one, using a palette knife and particularly a sponge! And the cake!
— Jean R
I liked the way Kate helped with paintings - giving positive advice.
— Alex
Liked the demonstrations - better to see a picture take shape rather than just a theoretical approach.
— Anne
There were many interesting bits including composition, painting water, using a credit card to line plants in water etc. The modular design and delivery makes it possible for ‘artists’ at any level to become familiar or more expert with the medium - excellent value.
— Malcolm R

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