Personalised portraits to commemorate special occasions, people, pets or places for everyone to enjoy. My paintings aim to capture the detail of precious moments in time and the unique character and personalities of loved ones. I work from photographs or from life using a variety of mediums and can adapt to any preferred style, however most people ask for photo-realism. A beautiful portrait is a priceless gift!

How to Commission a Portrait or Painting

Choose your photos, decide how big you would like the finished artwork, choose a medium (oils, acrylics, pastels or pencil) and the sort of background you would like. Email your decisions, send a deposit and I will let you know when there are progress pictures on my blog. When you are happy with the portrait decide if you would like it framed, pay the balance and arrange delivery. Simples! See below for more details...

People & Animal Portraits in Pencil, Charcoal or Pastel

Prices start from £150

People & Animal Portraits in Watercolour or Acrylic Paints

Prices start from £180

People & Animal Portraits in Oil Paints

Prices start from £350

1. Choose your favourite photographs of the person, pet or place you would like painted. 
I usually base each portrait on one good photograph so pick one that has your favourite pose or expression. Accessories and backgrounds etc. can be changed but the pose and expression is harder to alter. It is helpful to also send a few extra pictures of the subject, particularly close-ups, to show colour of eyes and other details etc. These can be sent by email, on a CD or post your originals.

Ideally, working from life is preferable, so wherever possible and as additional service, I can arrange a photoshoot or sitting.

When taking photos, please ensure that your digital camera is set on the highest quality setting and ideally take the photos outside in natural daylight as flash tends to distort colour. Try not to look down or up at the subject but move your camera so you take the photo at the same level as their head. Photos taken on a bright day, not in direct sunlight but with the light source to one side are ideal. Mobile phones are not ideal as photos will be too small and not very sharp.

Please do not reduce the size of the photos when you download them onto your computer - the higher the resolution, the more detailed the image. Basically, the better the photo, the better the portrait!

2. Choose a size. 
Decide where the portrait might be hung and measure that space. Take into consideration the frame size if you would like it framed. Bear in mind the more subjects you choose, the smaller they will be drawn in order to fit them onto the canvas. Unusually shaped canvases, box canvases and oversize paintings are all possible - please get in touch to talk about your ideas.

3. Choose a medium and style. 
I work mostly with traditional oil paints, colour pastels and acrylic paints but I also use watercolours, charcoal, graphite pencil, collage and other mediums. My style is detailed but I am also very happy to work loosely or in a style of your choosing - I love a challenge!

4. Choose your preferred background. 
This can be a specific colour to match a room’s decor or a more detailed setting like an outdoor scene or favourite chair. Detailed backgrounds may incur an additional fee depending on complexity. For pastel portraits there is a wide selection of paper colours to choose from (see a few samples below) if you would like a plain backdrop.

5. Email your decisions and send your photos plus a non-returnable deposit of 50%. 
Include any special instructions ie. additional collars for pets. Your portrait may take from two weeks for a small pastel to two months from the time the deposit is paid. Oils take longer but depending on the size and complexity of the painting. Quick deadlines can be accommodated so please enquire if you need it fast! I will of course endeavour to meet deadlines for birthdays and other special dates. Payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or cheque.

6. Choose a frame. 
I use a couple of excellent local framers so I can either advise you on how to frame the work or arrange a complete framing service if preferred. Quotes can be obtained near to the end of the process in order for you to choose.

7. Keep your eyes posted on the blog.
I take pictures of the portrait as it takes shape and email you when there are pictures to see. At the end of this process you can make final changes if necessary. If you are not satisfied with the final product there is no obligation to buy. Hopefully you will be very happy, in which case please pay the final balance plus postage and packaging. On clearance of the payment your finished piece of art will be posted or couriered to you and all original photographs returned (I only used insured carriers) or pick up from my studio in Sussex!