Has it been years since you’ve attempted to draw anything but want to see if you can? Perhaps you have quietly picked up a sketchbook only to be frustrated and discouraged with the results? Designed for the willing but secretly terrified: if you want to draw but think you can’t, this course gives you a variety of different tools to help you to draw what you see, not what you think you see. Over six weeks the classes cover line and tone, perspective, the rules of composition, measuring by sight, drawing from a photograph, still life, figure drawing, pen and ink and a bit of colour theory. This course starts with the very basics and can teach you clever techniques to develop ways to help you draw better, whether you are an absolute beginner or already an experienced artist. All great painters build on the foundations of great drawing so this course teaches you a number of tips and tricks to help you get there step-by-step. The classes offer a relaxed and informative few hours with demonstrations and one-to-one tuition from Kate, instructive handouts to take home, unlimited tea & coffee and homemade cake for brain power! 

NEXT COURSE: Starts Thursday 26th September - 31st October, 10am-1pm at Storrington Village Hall, West Street, STORRINGTON, West Sussex, RH20 4DZ. Please contact Kate if you are interested and would like to book a place.

COST: £216 for 6 classes of 3 hours

Brief Course Outline

Week 1 - Line drawing and right brain exercises, mark making, types of line, sighting, negative spaces and paper types.

Week 2 - Tone and texture, shading, simplifying and creating form using pens, pencils or charcoal.

Week 3 - Perspective - getting depth into your drawings and your buildings correct.

Week 4 - Dynamic composition, rules of composition, enlarging from a photo - gridding up.

Week 5 - Human figure and faces.

Week 6 - Pen & wash and other drawing tools, colour theory and back to the drawing board!

Materials List

Cartridge paper (A4 or bigger); a board or table easel to rest on if you like to work at an angle; a range of pencils from HB to 9B; a soft eraser; set square and a long ruler; charcoal (optional). For week 6 you may like to bring some fine-tipped drawing pens (0.3-0.7) or ink and nibs and watercolour paints and a brush, but these are optional and can be discussed while on the course.

Superb - can highly recommend - Kate makes everyone feel like an artist!
— Amanda C, 2019
If you think you can’t draw I challenge you to say the same thing after Kate’s drawing course.
— Dennis C, 2019
The course followed the outline exactly with extra tips, all in such a lovely, friendly, professional way.
— Jane B, 2019
Kate is an excellent tutor and instills a desire to succeed.
— Jim T, 2019
A fun and relaxing class - particularly liked the fact it did not matter what skills you came to the class with - open to all.
— Linda K, 2019
I cannot believe how much I learned. Each week was a revelation and I feel so proud of what I was able to accomplish by the end.
— Brooke E, 2018
Kate is so patient and brings out the artist in everyone who attends the course.
— Morag G, 2018
I joined to learn drawing to help with my painting but ended up enjoying the drawing with or without paint. Kate always has a positive attitude, she is knowledgeable, relaxed and extremely talented!
— Denise L
Kate really fires the imagination and confidence to try new techniques.
— Alan L
In nearly 70 years I have never had an art lesson and I am delighted that the friendly atmosphere, from Kate’s teaching to my fellow participants, meant that I did not feel intimidated or overwhelmed. I also achieved far more than I felt I was able to achieve.
— Celia E, 2017
Kate is a talented artist who clearly loves her work and is able to encourage others to develop their skills in a safe atmosphere (the cake is good too!).
— Lesley S
A very useful, well-rounded course for anyone at any stage.
— Anne G, 2017
Best in Sussex!
— David W
As a total beginner I highly recommend Kate as a teacher as I already feel I have produced some reasonable work.
— Suzie M, 2017
Kate is to art as Mary Poppins is to children!
— Gary P, 2019


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Very absorbing and constructive course that has improved my confidence in drawing. Loved it!
— Tessa C
If you are terrified of a blank sheet of paper, go to this course! A long-standing belief that I couldn’t draw has been totally squashed.
— Jacky S
Well planned with discussions, demonstrations, activity and feedback.
— Pat B
Friendly atmosphere and quiet concentration - very absorbing.
I took art O and A levels at school and wasn’t really actually taught anything so I was surprised when I attended Kate’s drawing course to find there is so much to learn - we covered more in six lessons than I had in four years at school! I particularly enjoyed learning about the rules for perspective and finding out how much our brains can get in the way. I would recommend this as a good starting point for any aspiring artist.
— Denise B

Student Galleries & Comments

Click on image or title to see a variety of students' work from each course.
Please note that everybody’s work is included and most were complete beginners when they started this course, so look to see how much can be achieved…

A lovely course to attend, no matter if you are a terrified beginner or more skilled. There is always something to learn.
— Deirdre L, 2018
Highly recommend for a beginner with basic drawing skills. The course is fantastic and I can’t believe I completed with a finished piece!
— Claire Higgins, 2018
Kate is lovely and this course is relaxed. It gently eases you into drawing!
— Christine D, 2018
Really enjoyed the course, very good teacher, so by the end of the course you actually can draw! I never expected to achieve so much.
— Roneta C, 2018
This course is intensely interesting and it is amazing to see such progress in six sessions - fabulous teaching.
— Laura P, 2018
Kate imparts information with clarity, enabling even the most bewildered to make progress.
— Julian W, 2018
This is an excellent introduction to drawing. it covers many aspects and I feel more confident now that I can produce reasonable drawings.
— Robert K, 2016
Try the beginner’s course, even if you’ve drawn before - it rekindles the flame and updates techniques and art products.
— Veronica H, 2016
Kate’s course has given me more confidence to put pencil to paper and achieve more than I thought.
— Deirdre S, 2016
My enthusiasm has been fired. Thank you!
— David L
A great course for both beginners and improvers. A really good discipline.
— Sue B
If you thought you couldn’t draw, Kate will show you that you can! I have achieved way beyond my expectations and produced things I didn’t previously believe possible.
— Catherine R
Brilliant course, Kate is a great teacher, supportive and helpful. I enjoyed all of it! Especially left/right brain activity, perspective, shading and hatching. I learned so much and will continue!
— Liz Y
I love the way you make your classes accessible to all levels and I found the demonstrations really helpful. My hope was to rekindle a trust that I could draw and I’ve loved just giving myself a chance to have a go. You’ve helped me see the world with new eyes.
— Tatiana S
Kate is excellent at building confidence and giving encouragement - enabling all to draw.
— Iain J
I thoroughly enjoyed coming to Kate’s classes. It made me draw weekly and relax and inspire me to know all is possible.
— Lorna F
Just to say how very much I enjoyed the classes. I’d never really expected to like drawing but had wanted to improve my perspective and draftsmanship for my painting. But lo and behold I found that drawing had an end in itself and I enjoyed it! I enjoyed trying out completely new techniques like portraiture - not something I expected to like. Once again thank you for a splendid course - really well thought out and organised.
— Jane F
I didn’t know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed learning how the right and left brain work together.
— Angela G
I liked all of it. I have learnt a lot but need to practise much more. The presentations were all very clear and helpful.
— Anne R
Have you ever wondered whether you can draw? Well yes you can, and Kate and this course will show you how. So unleash your inner artist, play and create - from someone who thought she could not draw!
— Subpreet D-R
Kate has a very friendly and inclusive style.
— Chris Y